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Why rent with Dandara?

Whether you're just starting out, need space for a growing family, downsizing or looking for a smart city centre pad, we have a wide range of quality rental properties for you to choose from in great locations throughout the UK.

Designed and constructed to award winning standards, our rental properties include a high level of specification as standard.

Rent the home that’s right for you

Whether you're looking for a furnished city centre apartment or an unfurnished family home, we can help you find a rental property in a location and at a price that's right for you. And because we only rent properties that we have designed and built ourselves, we know them inside out - so quality is guaranteed.

To find your perfect property you can search or register with us. Our lettings team will contact you to discuss your requirements and arrange a convenient time for you to view any properties you're interested in. Then once you've found the home that's right for you, we'll take care of all the paperwork so that you can move in as quickly as possible.

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Renting with us

Your guide to renting with Dandara

We have a wide and continually changing selection of rental properties available to suit every lifestyle and budget. Renting a home from us couldn't be easier.

  • To help find you the property that’s the best match for you we’ll ask you some questions. We can either do this by phone or by filling our registration form.
  • Next we’ll provide you with a selection of suitable properties and arrange for you to view them at a time that’s convenient to you
  • When you’ve found the property that’s right for you, we’ll liaise with the landlord to secure it for you
  • We’ll then ask you for two references and once they are approved we’ll draw up your Tenancy Agreement and an inventory for the property
  • We’ll ask you for a deposit and the first month’s rent, then we can advise the Local Authority and Utility Companies and take meter readings

Once this is done, we’ll check you in to your new home to show you where everything is and how it all works. Then we hand over the keys and your new home is all yours.

Search for a rental property now

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If you'd like more information about renting with us, please get in touch

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0141 339 6591
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Hemel Hempstead Lettings

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View properties in Hemel Hempstead

Jersey Lettings

01534 506 281
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Manchester Lettings

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions our property rental team is asked.

Who is responsible if something breaks down?

The landlord is responsible for any costs incurred where there is a genuine fault, we will ensure that any faults are investigated and rectified as soon as possible.

Can I hang pictures on the walls?

Yes, you can hang pictures provided picture hooks are used. As a general rule of thumb the property should be left as it was found although ‘fair wear and tear’ is expected.

Can I have pets?

Unfortunately under the terms of the Tenancy Agreement pets of any kind are not permitted as they may cause damage to the property or annoyance to neighbours.

What is the minimum term for a tenancy?

The minimum tenancy term available is 6 months.

Is my deposit refundable?

At the end of your tenancy we will check the inventory and schedule of conditions and provided that there is no damage to the Landlord’s property or possessions, your deposit will be returned. If this not the case then we will deduct money from your deposit to cover any repairs, which may be necessary.

I have another question

If you have a question, which isn’t answered here please contact us:

Glasgow Lettings

Telephone: 0141 339 6591

Hemel Hempstead Lettings

Telephone: 01442 838 120

Jersey Lettings

Telephone: 01534 506 281

Manchester Lettings

Telephone: 0161 829 3040

Isle of Man Lettings

Telephone: 01624 615 000

Renting your property is easy with Dandara

When you purchase a Dandara buy-to-let property, you can be certain you're making a sound investment. We only rent properties that we have designed and built ourselves, which means we know them inside-out; and through our unique in-house property rental service we take care of every aspect of the rental process, leaving you free to enjoy the rewards.

Our service includes:

  • Optional furniture packs
  • Advertising your property locally and extensively online through
  • Accompanied viewings with a Dandara representative
  • Finding a suitable tenant and taking out references
  • Collecting and administering the deposit and monthly payments
  • Regular checks of your property
  • 10% flat fee of rental value with no hidden charges

Contact our rental team for full details

Rental process

How the rental process works

We take care of every aspect of the rental process for you; we’ll find you a suitable tenant, collect and monitor rent payments and take care of any maintenance issues as they happen, so you don’t have to worry about a thing:

  1. We’ll visit your property and give you a free current market rental valuation.
  2. As soon as you instruct us to market your property, we’ll add it to our website, advertise it in the local media and email prospective tenants who have registered with us.
  3. Next, we carry out accompanied viewings with prospective tenants, negotiating the rent and length of the lease to get you the best possible deal. (The minimum rental terms is six months and the maximum is 12 months renewable).
  4. We seek references and once these are approved we’ll draw up a standard form of Tenancy Agreement and serve any statutory notices.
  5. We’ll provide you and the new tenant with a free professional inventory and set up a standing order for the rent.
  6. We collect one month’s rent as a security deposit and the first month’s rent in advance.
  7. We advise the Local Authority and Utility Companies of the new tenancy and provide meter readings.
  8. Finally we provide your new tenant with the keys and check them into the property.

We will carry out a full inspection of your property prior to occupation, and when the lease is renewed. We also inspect the property, inventory and Schedule of Conditions at the end of the tenancy and obtain quotes for any work, which may need to be carried out before the property is rented out again.

Additional information for landlords

Even though we may be managing your buy-to-let property for you, as the owner and landlord you do still need to be aware of the following:

  • If you purchased your buy-to-let property with a mortgage, you must have permission from your mortgage lender before the property can be rented
  • You need to notify your insurance provider that you will be renting your buy-to-let property so that they can arrange the appropriate cover. We can provide you with information on landlord’s protection insurance so please contact us for details
  • If you are live outside the UK we are obliged by law to retain 18% of the income from your rented property, however you can apply to the Inland Revenue to receive your income gross of tax. We can supply you with an application form so please contact us for details
  • If your property is vacant you are responsible for all Local Authority rates, water and electricity bills so you will need to budget for this
  • A minimum of one week prior to a tenant moving in, you will need to provide us with 3 sets of keys, entry fobs and a car park fob. We will have to charge for any missing keys or entry fobs