Want to buy a new Dandara home but have a home to sell? Our Assisted Move scheme could help you move sooner - here's how.

1. First, find the Dandara home that’s right for you

2. We will instruct local estate agents to value your current home.

3. We will suggest a price for your current home based on the estate agents valuations.*

4. You accept the suggested selling price and we enter into an Assisted Move Agreement. We instruct the estate agents to market and sell your current home. There is NO reservation fee to pay at this stage.

5. When a buyer is found who can exchange within the agreed timescale, you can complete a reservation agreement to reserve your new Dandara home.

6. We can suggest independent solicitors and mortgage advisors who can help you achieve an exchange within the 28-day reservation period.

7. On completion of the sale of your current home and simultaneous purchase of your new Dandara home we could contribute towards the estate agent fees.

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Download our Assisted Move brochure and view full terms and conditions.

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