5 Ways to Bring Summer to your Dandara Home

Summer is just around the corner, and we’re all positively thrilled to start soaking up some rays. You might want your home to reflect that anticipation, so we’re here to lend a hand. Whether you’re searching for bright, floral patterns or just a way to let that fresh summer air into your Dandara home, we recommend these 5 quick ways to get your interiors solstice-ready.

Freshen up with Flowers

Take advantage of the season with one of the most classic décor items around: a fresh bouquet of flowers! You can select fragrant, ballerina-frilled peonies, brilliant garden roses, lovely sweet peas, neutrally-toned hydrangeas, or summery white blooms. Whatever colourful counterpoint your room needs.

You can even make use of fruit bowls to really hammer home the season, whether you’re using soft peaches to lend a pastel tint to your kitchen or flashing bright colours with lively citrus. The possibilities are limitless! And, of course, if you grapple with allergies, there are always floral art-pieces, pictures and decorations to mimic that garden feeling.

Invite Light With White

Is that warm nook feeling a little oppressive now that there’s sunlight flooding in? Are you not getting that summer vibe in your kitchen? Consider giving the room a fresh lick of white paint to brighten it up. This is especially effective in a room near a balcony or a patio, giving a summer villa feel to your décor.

Colour Swap

Not wanting to go all-out with the paint roller? Consider what you’ve got spare to recreate the season as a quick-fix. If you have any art pieces that are collecting dust or a second set of plates that you rarely use, consider their colour scheme, and if it fits, swap them out. Paintings, dishes, chair covers, blankets, even lampshades – just a few small tweaks can bring an otherwise neutrally decorated room into a summer sensation.

Change your Curtains

Now that you don’t need heavy curtain drapes to help keep the place warm, consider swapping out those thick-but-dreary energy savers for silky drapes, and open your windows to really get that fresh maritime feel! We recommend a bright white or a light cream, but you could set up some pastel-coloured blinds or shutters too.

Use your Outdoor Space

We’ve all been there: wanting to make better use of our gardens during the summer months, but struggling to get out of our creature comforts. We recommend bringing them outside! In the same way that you’d zone your house, take advantage of the warmer weather to set up some purposeful scenes. Think comfortable hammock hideaways, al-fresco dining tables, or fairy-light reading nooks for those long evenings. You’ll find yourself outdoors far more often if the space is ripe for it.

A Breath of Fresh Air

We’ve all been cooped up this past year, so making the most out of this summer is a sure-fire way to bring that missing breath of fresh air back into your life.