Design Trends for 2022 – so what’s new?

Many of the design trends that look set to be with us for 2022 have been born because of the pandemic, which has shifted the way we view our homes and the way we live in them.  Our time at home has taught us to appreciate where we live more than ever before and to bring home comforts to the fore, meaning many of the interior design trends for 2022 are aimed at creating relaxing, comfortable spaces.

Interior design has a significant impact on our daily lives.  Our mood is affected by the design and ambiance of the space around us.  So, let’s take a look at what we can expect to see more of this coming year, and you can decide if you’re going to adapt your home with the latest styles. 

Rounded Shapes and Designs

This trend applies to all, not just furniture but everything is getting a softened edge, from lamps, mirrors, wallpaper designs, and sanitary ware.  It’s hard not to feel relaxed in a rounded space. 


Flexible Spaces with Wallpapers

With the rise of people working from home, it’s become crucial for many to have a space that’s separated from home life.  This trend is set for a resurgence with the ability to separate spaces with different designs to zone the open-plan home with a working and living space.  


Sustainable and Natural Inspiration 

The trend for bringing the outdoors in isn’t going anywhere in 2022. Be it natural, faux, in artwork, textiles, and wallpaper, plants and their soothing qualities are here to stay.  Whether you’re buying small plants or doing home gardening blending the outdoors with indoors can be seen in every industry, including commercial and residential. 

Neutral Colour Palette

Natural, neutral, and earthy tones are taking over from bright and bold colours which don’t create the right ambiance. Neutral and subtle colours like beige, white, ivory, taupe, and grey open up an array of possibilities for the home with the use of other tones for accents.



Minimalism is not only about minimal use of daily things but also about minimal decoration and furniture use which should enhance the liveability of your space. Decluttering is key to ensuring a room can highlight the purpose of that room with just the essentials on show. 

Green Highlight colour

One colour that will be seen everywhere in 2022 is Green! This colour has been already trending, and it continues to be on-trend for 2022. After all, green is so calming and soothing.

Various shades of green, especially sage green, are so natural-looking, and it de-stresses, revitalises and is also associated with growth and nature. So, if you want to create a subtle but dramatic atmosphere in your home, green is your go-to for 2022.  Here are a number of beautiful green tones for consideration from FarrowandBall.


What 2021 trends are on the way out? 

So now we know what’s new but what 2021 trends will we say goodbye to? There will be a move back towards simplicity with organic textures, shapes, and simple tones so fluted joinery and ornately decorated furniture will be phased out.  But don’t think you have to change everything to be on-trend this year.  Small changes can make a big difference such as adding plants with different colours and textures.  A beautiful throw can be an instant update to a bed or sofa or switch up your accessories and furniture bit by bit.

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