Freshen Up Your Home for Spring Decor Tips and Spring Cleaning Essentials

As high noon lingers for that bit longer and budding trees give a hint of the approaching season, we welcome the advent of spring. It's that invigorating time of the year when we wave goodbye to the winter and cheerfully invite warmth, brightness, and freshness into our homes. With the scent of blooming flowers wafting through the air, let's explore our top tips for spring decor and cleaning essentials.


Spring Decorating: Refresh Your Space

Spring is all about light, airy atmospheres and fresh starts. Begin by considering a colour palette that compliments the season—think pastel hues like lavender, mint green, or light coral. Incorporate these shades subtly through soft furnishings, statement pieces of art, or a feature wall. 

Swap dark, winter textiles for lighter, natural fabrics. Cotton, linen, and silk can add immediate freshness and make for a breezy atmosphere. Rearrange your furniture to complement the longer daylight hours, making the most of the natural light. Add some potted plants or flowers, and you start visualising spring indoors!

Spring Cleaning Essentials: The Must-Haves

The arrival of spring isn’t just about decor updates, it’s also time for that deep cleanse. Start with the basics—microfibre cloths, a good vacuum, eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner, and scrubbing brushes. Don't forget the ladder for those hard-to-reach places to let the sunshine stream in.

Room-by-Room Spring Cleaning Guide

Now that we’re packed with our cleaning essentials let's dive into a specific cleaning blueprint for every room. In the living room, dust bookshelves, clean windows, and wipe down surfaces. In the kitchen, declutter drawers and deep clean appliances. Move on to the bathrooms with a thorough scrub of the shower, sink, and toilet—replace old toiletries. Lastly, declutter your bedrooms, organise your closets, and wash all bedding and hoover your mattresses.

Decor Tips: Go Natural

In spring, nature is at its finest and most vibrant. Reflect this in your home by adding natural materials where possible. Wicker, rattan, and light timbers make for stunning, seasonal adjustments. To add to this, consider displaying bowls filled with seasonal fruits or fresh flowers. Moreover, maps and botanical prints on walls can echo the great outdoors.

Outdoor Ties: Make Your Garden an Extension of Your Home

If you haven’t already, spring is the time to treat your garden or outdoor space as an extension of your home. Clean your outdoor furniture, consider laying out an outdoor rug, add weather-resistant cushions, string up some festoon lights, and even hang weather-resistant artwork. With this, your home’s capacity for entertaining and relaxation spills out into your garden.

Dining Room Delights: Spring Table Settings

Refresh your dining room for the spring by creating a table setting filled with the season's signature. Floral centrepieces, lightweight table linens in fresh colours, and dishware patterned with cheerful spring scenes will elevate your dining experience. You can even reupholster your dining chairs to match your spring theme.

Home Office Harmony: A Blissful Spring Work Environment

Working from home? Convert your workspace to a spring haven. Add a colourful planner or calendar or bring in some easy-care indoor plants. Polish your desk and declutter the space. We are more productive when working in a clean, orderly environment.


Soft Furnishings: A Change of Texture

Soft furnishings offer a relatively quick and easy way to transform the look of a room. This spring, try to incorporate lighter, more colourful fabrics to your interiors. Pastel or brightly coloured curtains will soften the room and allow more natural light in. Give a fresh look to your sofas, chairs and beds with new cushions or throws, perhaps in a floral or nature-inspired print. Investing in a new rug can alter the style of a room dramatically, think soft and light to add a pop of spring to your home. 

Wall Decor: A Breath of Fresh Air

Walls are an excellent canvas for experimenting and infusing charm into your home. This spring, perhaps it's time to put that paintbrush to good use. Consider a feature wall in spring-inspired hues such as light green or earthy terracotta that creates an accent without being overpowering. Alternatively, wallpaper offers a wide range of patterns and designs. For a less permanent change, framed prints of springtime scenery or plant-based motifs can uplift your mood every time you walk into the room. This could be the time to finally hang those shelves or picture frames, making your house a home. Remember to mix and match - the goal is to create a space that not only embraces the season but your own personal style as well.

We understand that spring brings along refreshing new beginnings. By incorporating the decor tips and cleaning essentials, we've shared, your home too will mirror the energy and vibrancy the season offers. So, here’s to the season of renewal—not just for nature, but for our homes too!


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