Happy International Women's Day 2024 from Dandara

Here at Dandara, we celebrate our female colleagues all year round, however, International Women’s Day gives the talented individuals the extra recognition they deserve.   

International Women’s Day recognises their achievements and hard work in the industry, as this day continues to grow, it has received a new global dimension for women in developed and developing countries and is now a rallying moment to build support for women’s rights.   

With the theme for International Women’s Day 2024 being ‘Inspire Inclusion’, here at Dandara we can recognise that we promote equality across our teams. As a company, we want to inspire and support women to grab opportunities and achieve their goals.  

Kate Parker, Land Buyer at Dandara, is not shy when it comes to achieving her goals. She comments: “After graduating University with a Politics Degree, I joined Dandara as a Land Assistant in 2021 and have since been promoted to Land Buyer for the Northern Home Counties region. My time at Dandara has seen the best of the housing market, closely followed by an unstable and challenging one. Learning how we can react to the market by diversifying our strategies for land buying over the past year has been the most interesting and rewarding part of my time at Dandara so far.  

I’m fortunate to be surrounded by a fun, dynamic and encouraging team. My professional career began when I joined Dandara, and I’m incredibly grateful for the continued support from all my colleagues." 

The number of women taking on construction roles is at an all-time high with 15.8% of females being part of the workforce from April to June 2023. However, this figure has plateaued over the last few years and with a demand for workers, it’s imperative that efforts are made to attract women into the industry.  

At Dandara, we want to see women thrive. We are an inclusive company, ensuring that everyone feels equally represented. As a company we can proudly say that we are doing well, however there is always room for improvement, so we encourage more women to step into the property industry and start their new journeys.   

Katie Groves, Sales Consultant, agreed that since her promotion she: “Couldn’t thank the team enough for the support and knowledge received.” We love that as a team, Dandara is successful at supporting our wide range of female colleagues and look forward to watching them progress in their careers.  

Adding to this, Lesley Treacy, Head of ESG at Dandara, said: “It is great to recognise and celebrate International Women’s Day and in particular some of the remarkable achievements and contributions of women in our business. Through lived and shared experiences, we aspire to inspire inclusion in all aspects of our operations.”  

For women just starting their careers or striving to achieve new goals, Dandara supports you on your journey.   

Here’s to celebrating International Women’s Day 2024.