Tips on how to make your bed feel like a 5 star hotel

It’s national bed month - we have collated some tips so you can recreate that 5-star hotel feel in your Dandara bedrooms. 
Tuck the corners of your duvet in

Slightly tucking your duvet underneath your mattress will not only help the bed look tidy but will also prolong the life of your mattress. So, when putting a fresh duvet cover on, always make sure to tuck the corners. Lay the duvet flat on the bed, smooth out any wrinkles with your arm and place the top two corners at the top of the bed. Then, smooth your arm along with the duvet and tuck the end and the sides as you do this.


Use a smaller duvet cover

This trick will have your bed looking even more luxurious, consider buying a different size duvet cover for your duvet insert. If, for example, you place a King-size duvet inside a Queen-size duvet cover, it’ll create a much fluffier bedscape.


Wash your bedding weekly for optimum freshness

Keeping your bedding fresh will help exude that luxury experience. Not only that but it’s also better for your skin, decreasing the chances of bacteria building up and clogging your pores. Washing at 60 degrees is, usually, recommended for cleaning bedding and towels to kill bacteria. But you will need a strong detergent as well, as a hot temperature alone does not kill bacteria.


Air dry your bedding outside

By air drying your bedding outside, your bedding will be naturally less creased versus using a tumble dryer. Plus, the ultra violet light rays of the sunlight will remove any bacteria and bleach your sheets, which is extra beneficial for those with white bedding.

Invest in a good mattress

Hotels are known to have high-quality mattresses because they know this is fundamental to the bedroom experience. Investing in the best mattress for your needs will make your body thank you and will make a world of a difference in your sleep. If you’re not ready to upgrade (or even if you have an amazing mattress already), a feather bed/mattress pad is the cherry on top in terms of creating an authentic hotel bed experience.



Quantity of pillows

Hotels like to have different types of pillows to meet everyone’s needs, it also helps to make your bed look fully decorated. We would recommend using 4-6 pillows, especially if you’re after that hotel bed look. Pillows should be evenly placed and centred on each side of the mattress (on a king-size mattress, think of an imaginary line dividing the bed into two single mattresses). The pillows do not need to touch.



Goose down duvet and pillows

Goose down filling for duvets and pillows is essential to recreate that soft, comfortable feel that makes you melt and never want to leave the bed. When looking to purchase goose down duvet or pillows make sure to check the loft number. This number will represent the fill power and how high-quality the product is. A high loft number will be a large cluster of down, resulting in a fluffier duvet/pillow.


Add layers with comforter and duvet

Add layers to your bed for that luxurious aesthetic. Hotel beds make use of layers to bring out that plushie feel. You can achieve this by adding a comforter and a duvet into the mix. As long as you go for the 300-thread count and above, you should be able to get that soft and silky-smooth texture on the bed. Remember to add those finishing touches, consider adding decorative pillows or folding a blanket into thirds and running it across the foot of your bed.


Create a cosy space with lighting

Lighting can make or break a bedroom. The goal is to have a variety of lighting sources so that you can create different moods for different times of day.

A hanging lamp or sconce near your bed, for example, may create an intimate, relaxing environment without the glare of overhead lights. Look for lighting that provide flair and visual appeal as well. Metallics like rose gold and bronze are great for gloss and sheen.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our tips to recreate that 5* hotel bed feel in your Dandara home, let us know on Instagram @dandarahomes if you managed to recreate these tips with your own bed!