What is Wales LTT?

The Welsh LTT is the tax you need to pay on the first £225,000 of land or a new home in Wales. In 2018, it replaced the Stamp Duty tax which previously applied throughout the UK. This allowed the Welsh government to set their own tax rates and thresholds specific to Wales's housing market.

Why do we have to pay LTT?

Paying LTT is mainly for legal ownership reasons. When you buy a property, the change in land ownership has to be legally registered at the Land Registry, which is then evidence that your new Dandara home is officially all yours.

The Welsh Revenue Authority (WRA) is responsible for collecting Welsh Land Transaction Tax and will issue a certificate on receipt of the LTT payment due on the purchase of the property.

Who pays LTT and when? This is where your solicitor comes in. They will manage the transfer of funds to pay the tax (usually adding the amount to the sum you pay them before completing on your purchase.)

Welsh Land Transaction Tax rates and bands

It’s good to know the Welsh Land Transaction Tax rates you’ll be paying before you look forward to moving in; take a look at the rates below:

(Please note: For homes over £225,000 there is no LTT to pay on the first £225,000, then the following rates apply):

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2814901 DAN GROUP LTT Main
2814901 DAN GROUP LTT Higher
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Wales LTT Calculator

Use our Wales LTT calculator to help you find out how much tax you need to pay when you buy land or property in Wales.