Moving Made Easy

Need help to move from your old home to a new Dandara one? We’ll make it easy.
Getting the Dandara home you want is effortless with Moving Made Easy. We could help you sell your current home and pay your estate agent fees. *

Love the idea of moving into a thoughtfully-considered Dandara home? One that’s been carefully built and is in a great location? But… you’re worried about the stress of moving? We’ve got you covered.

With Moving Made Easy, we’ll take care of selling your current home for you. Freeing you up to think about life in your brand new home – and how you’re going to make it your very own.

We could even pay your estate agent fees up to £5,000*. So, what are you waiting for?

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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. Our Moving Made Easy scheme is available on selected plots only and acceptance is at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to refuse to agree to Moving Made Easy and we are under no obligation to give reasons why.
  2. For properties in Scotland only, to commence a Moving Made Easy instruction on your behalf, we would ask for an initial fee of £500 to effectively hold your preferred plot pending valuations on your existing property. This fee will be retained to cover the costs of the Home Report and associated marketing fees.
  3. A sample of our Moving Made Easy Agreement can be obtained from our sales office.
  4. You agree to instruct the Dandara nominated estate agents to market and sell your existing home and agree you will have no control over the fees or terms of the appointment of the agreed estate agents.
  5. The Moving Made Easy Agreement is limited to a period of 5 weeks from the date of the Moving Made Easy Agreement.
  6. The realistic sales price may be lower than an initial marketing price and is to be based upon achieving a sale within the Selling Period. You have the final say on the price at which your existing home is to be marketed.
  7. You acknowledge that once you have accepted an offer for the purchase of your existing home and entered into a reservation for your new home, your buyer could cancel prior to legal exchange of contracts for the sale of your existing home. In this instance Dandara retains the right to cancel the purchase of your new home and retain any agreed proportion of the reservation fee in accordance with the reservation form.
  8. The Moving Made Easy Agreement will terminate automatically unless either an acceptable buyer is found within the Selling Period or we agree in writing to extend the Selling Period at our absolute discretion.
  9. Should a purchaser of your existing home be secured and you do not proceed to purchase a Dandara home you will be liable to pay all estate agent fees.
  10. Any agreement to pay your estate agent’s fees will be subject to a maximum figure that will be confirmed in the Moving Made Easy Agreement. This figure will be the lower of (a) a set amount which will depend on the new home being acquired and (b) a set percentage of the sale price achieved in relation to your existing home (which will be agreed with you and confirmed in the Moving Made Easy Agreement). Any payment of your estate agent’s fees is conditional upon you legally completing the purchase of a new Dandara home.
  11. You agree:
    (i) not to instruct another estate agent to sell your existing home until your Moving Made Easy
    Agreement has ended;
    (ii) that no party is currently negotiating to purchase your existing home; and
    (iii) that no introduction of a buyer for your existing home has already been made by another party.
  12. You agree to allow reasonable access to your existing home for viewings and survey purposes and to cooperate fully with the nominated estate agents in their endeavours to market and sell your existing home.
  13. The offer to provide the Moving Made Easy Scheme can be withdrawn at any time.