Dandara Consumer Code

You’re in safe hands with a new Dandara home. 
(Now that’s good news.)

We are committed to the Consumer Code for Home Builders. Why? Because you deserve only the highest quality homes and customer service from us. 


How the Consumer Code looks after you

Think of the Consumer Code as a rule book. One that all home builders have to follow and adhere to for marketing, sales and aftersales care. It’s in place to help us deliver a superb level of service no matter where you are on your homebuying journey - because (best) practice makes perfect.

What is the Consumer Code?

It’s an industry-led scheme that provides protection and rights to people purchasing new build homes. The beauty of the Code is that it covers every element of the buying process - from pre-contract to exchange of contract, and during your time living in your property. Plus, it also ensures that you are treated fairly, know what level of service you should always receive and have the right information you need to inform your buying decision.


Who is covered by the Consumer Code?

Every new home being built under the insurance protection of the NHBC, Premier Guarantee or LABC Warranty - who between them cover 90% of new homes built in the UK. 

As Dandara is registered with the NHBC, we ensure each of our homes adhere to the requirements and principles of the Consumer Code - so that’s one less thing you’ll need to think about.

Homes reserved before 5th March 2024 are covered by the Consumer Code, if you reserved a property after this date, you are covered by the New Homes Quality Code

Customer Charter

Our customer charter outlines our commitments to provide you with service, procedures and information at appropriate stages during your purchase.

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