Dandara's sustainability strategy displays a focused goal to embed ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) into its development plans for a positive impact on the environment and people.

What is ESG?

It stands for Environment, Social and Governance. ESG represents broad topic areas and we have reviewed these to identify the ones that we as a business can impact - both positively and or negatively and in the context of risks and opportunities inherent to Dandara's day to day activities.

ESG topic areas material to Dandara's operations and activities include:

  • Environment: Climate Change Mitigation and reduction in Energy, Water, Waste.
  • Social & Governance: The impact a new home brings to the local community including improved local infrastructure, area regeneration, and employee wellbeing and the values, ethics and management of our business, including DEI (Diversity, Equality & Inclusion), accountability, and transparency.
Dandara Sustainability Strategy

Dandara has developed a new Sustainability Strategy which aims to place communities at the heart of our developments and help embed ESG related aspects into our practices and procedures.

We take the environment and our links with the local community very seriously. We are committed to facilitating a more sustainable future through the creation of energy and water-efficient homes and through the development of tangible benefits and social value for new and existing community residents.

This is why we have created this Strategy with an accompanying Roadmap which sets out clear targets, Key Performance Indicators and timelines for achieving our objectives.

The ESG Team is working closely with all departments in Dandara to embed sustainability within our processes and thus within the homes that we develop.

New ESG Policies & Procedures

Our Sustainability Strategy vision is to place communities at the heart of our developments and these new policies will help further the ambition of the Sustainability Strategy and help embed ESG related aspects into our business practices, procedures and developments.

The our policies include:

  • Dandara Health, Safety & Environmental Policy Statement (view here)
  • Dandara Sustainability & Energy Policy Statement (view here)
  • Dandara Sustainable Procurement Policy Statement (view here)

Our updated Modern Slavery Statement is available to view here.

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