Dandara Customer Charter, Our Promise to You

This is our customer charter. It is important and sets out our commitments to provide you with service, procedures and information at appropriate stages during your purchase.


1. We will publish our charter in our sales offices. We will give you a copy if you ask for one. We will automatically give you a copy if you reserve a property.

2. We have systems and procedures to help and ensure that:

  • we can give you the information and service to enable you to make a well-informed and enjoyable
    purchase; and
  • we can deliver a good after-sales service.

3. We will provide you with a flow of information as the purchase proceeds. You will receive a customer information pack. We will also meet you at various stages to explain:

  •  the process; and
  • the details of your new home.

4. Our sales office staff are responsible for dealing with any questions you may have at any stage when buying your property up to legal completion. After completion, our customer care team are responsible for dealing with any questions you may have.

Our sales personnel have been trained to understand their personal responsibilities to you, the company’s main legal responsibilities to you and the commitments we have made to you under our customer charter.

If you need to talk to us, please contact the sales office and we will be pleased to help you. We will contact you when necessary.




5. We will give you all the pre-contract information you need before you are expected to exchange contracts. We will write it in plain language, without jargon, to help you make an informed decision about buying your property.

Pre-contract information will include:

  • a written Reservation agreement;
  • an explanation of the new home warranty cover;
  •  a description of any management services and charges to which you will be committed, and an estimate of their costs, where applicable.

You should choose and appoint your own solicitor to:

  • represent your interests; and
  • deal with the legal formalities of buying the property including exchange of contracts, legal
    completion, handover and occupation.

6. We will let you know:

  • who to contact at every stage of your purchase;
  • how we will deal with your questions; and
  • any relevant choices and options you can consider.

7. We will fully inform you of the health and safety precautions to undertake when visiting a site under construction or living on a site where building work is ongoing.

8. Our marketing and advertising will be clear and truthful and will comply with relevant laws and advertising codes.

9. We will provide you with a Reservation Agreement which clearly sets out terms of Reservation as stipulated in the New Homes Quality Code.

10. Our contract of sale terms and conditions will be clear and fair.


11. We will make clear to you in our contract for sale your cancellation rights.

12. We will give you reliable information about the guarantees and warranties from which you may benefit.

13. We will explain how we protect your property reservation deposits and contract deposits and how we deal with any other pre-payments.

14. We will provide reliable information regarding the timing of construction, entry date/completion of the property. Once a completion date has been agreed we will ensure:

  • transfer of ownership takes place;
  • functional facilities and running in of the property are demonstrated to you.



15. We will provide an after-sale service with details of what the service includes, the point of contact and what guarantees/warranties apply to your home.

16. Our information will contain details of how you can:

  • use our complaints system;
  • use a service that can help resolve complaints about warranties that are not sorted out by our own complaint procedure; and
  • use any further complaint procedures if we cannot deal with the complaint satisfactorily.
    If you are dissatisfied with any part of this service you have received from us under our charter, please
    contact our customer services manager at the sales office.




17. We will co-operate with your appropriately qualified professional advisors to resolve disputes. You will need to write to us to:

  • say who you want to represent you; and
  • give details of his/her qualifications.

We will want to provide the same level of co-operation as we would give you if you were acting alone. So, if we do not think your representative is appropriately qualified, we will discuss the matter with you. For example, an architect may not always be qualified to deal with a structural engineering matter.

18. Buying a house can be one of the most important financial decisions any of us can make. We also understand that everyone has different individual requirements and challenges which may be environmental, physical or otherwise. Our staff are trained to recognise when someone needs some adjustments or extra help and we’ll do everything we can to assist.

Our customer charter commitments do not affect your statutory rights.

Download our Customer Charter

Download the PDF version of our Customer Charter