How to Create the Garden of your Dreams

We absolutely adore our Dandara gardens, from wildlife sanctuaries to painterly flower beds, and we’re always excited to see what you’re doing with your little patch of green. It’s National Growing for Wellbeing week, a celebration of the benefits that a green thumb can bring. Did you know some studies have found that gardening for 30 minutes a day is comparable to a similar amount of time playing badminton or practicing yoga? Not only that, but it can give us better peace of mind and mental health, too.
We know that it can be daunting to make the leap from designing interiors to growing picturesque scenes, so we’re here to help with a few pieces of advice to keep in mind when embarking on your trowel-toting journey.

Use Colour Carefully

One of the biggest tools in any designer’s arsenal is the use of colour, and gardening is no different. The obvious go-to tool is nature’s paint brush: flowers. Flowers can create focal points and areas of contrast, boost local wildlife by bringing pollinators to your back garden, and allow you to establish a colour scheme in a sea of green and brown.

If you want to be mindful of using colour while also growing crops, plenty of vegetables have beautiful flowers, too. Garlic chives grow lovely white petals while basil flowers are a dramatic wine-red. Unfortunately, some vegetables and herbs don’t keep their taste after the flowering process, so do your research.

Feed Your Ferns

If you’re serious about gardening, one of the more practical concerns is fertiliser and compost. We understand it can be tempting to just go down to the garden centre, but if you have space for a compost bin, you can reduce household waste and repurpose those pesky weeds at the same time. Homebrewing your very own fertiliser is far easier than you might think, and modern bins do an exceptional job at stopping odour, so there are no sour scents to worry about.

Create Scenes

Similar to how we create zones in the interior of a home, the art of making visual delights in your garden keeps to a lot of the same principles. Select your plant pots, trellises, and fence-paint in a way that compliments your floral arrangements, and use contrasting colours to ‘frame’ your flower beds. White and blue flowers such as rhododendrons and hydrangeas are great for this, allowing you to lead the eye to all of your hard work.

Trim & Tidy

We’ve talked about the act of designing your natural masterpiece, but maintenance also goes a long way. You can cut low-hanging branches from bushes and trees to improve their silhouette, give your fence or trellises a fresh coat of complimentary paint, and smooth over cracks in your patios and steps. Keeping these elements in top nick will allow your other design choices to shine through, allowing your gardens to be the tranquil sanctuary that you deserve.

We Have the Rest Handled

We’re certain that with a little research and elbow-grease, you can be on your way to a better garden – and a better state of mind, too. Many of our superb homes come with a green space to cultivate into your very own green haven. You can visit our developments page to discover a home with the perfect natural canvas with which to nurture your design dreams.