Beyond bedrooms: two storey trumps townhouses for second stepper couple

Despite moving from three storeys to two, Natalie Lamy (29), and her partner Jack Little (29) feel they have upsized in plenty of other ways with their home at Dandara’s Saxon Park development in Biddenham, Bedfordshire.

In their previous Biddenham based three bedroom townhouse, Natalie, a Graphic Designer, and Jack, a Web Developer, felt that some areas of their home were underutilised due to the impractical layout. 

Natalie commented, “Initially, the draw of a townhouse was massive, but after a while the novelty wore off and we actually found that we didn’t use all of the space. Our dining room and kitchen, situated on the ground floor, became a neglected area since it felt awkward to go upstairs to the lounge after dinner and then back downstairs if you wanted any drinks or snacks.” 

After three years, the disconnect between living spaces became apparent and saw the couple looking for a more functional home environment. Although they were keen to move house, they did enjoy life in Biddenham and wanted to move somewhere close by to stay close to friends and family. 

“When the decision to find a new home came, staying close to friends and family was a priority for us. We explored houses in Sharnbrook but found ourselves drawn back to Biddenham, particularly captivated by Saxon Park. The seamless integration of the houses into the village and the well-thought-out layout really caught our attention,” added Natalie.  

Following a visit to the development, where they saw the potential for more effective use of space, the couple reserved a two storey, three-bedroom Frogmore house type in July 2022 and had moved in by February 2023. 

The couple put down a £65,000 deposit on the home, which currently costs £434,995, and locked in a mortgage agreement of 3.6% for a two year fixed rate.  

“While our mortgage payments have gone up, our previous home, acquired with Help to Buy, would have seen an increase anyway due to the 20% loan. However, we were content with the additional expense because the new space is far more suitable for us. Even though the bedroom count remains the same as our previous property, it feels like a significant upsize for us. We make much better use of the house, and the inclusion of a garage for storage and our cars, along with a spacious garden, fulfils all our main priorities”, comments Natalie.

The couple's consideration of energy efficiency played a pivotal role in their choice of a new home. Having previously lived in a new build, they recognized the potential for a significant increase in bills if they were to transition to a more traditional property requiring extensive repairs and upgrades to meet necessary EPC standards. 

Natalie comments, “Given the positive experience we had with the energy efficiency of our previous new build home, it became clear that opting for another new build would be the most practical choice for us. While we were attracted to the aesthetic appeal of some traditional properties, the potential costs associated with replacing boilers and windows would be too burdensome. 

“Despite a slight increase in our energy bills, we find them entirely manageable. What's interesting is that we've even managed to save money on our water bills, which have decreased from £60 per month to £40 per month.” 

Located in the small town of Biddenham, Natalie and Jack value the local community vibe while still having easy access to lively Bedford. They like exploring the surrounding countryside, going on walks, and discovering the history tucked away in old estates and historic buildings nearby. 

Natalie says, “We absolutely love the area's community spirit and the perfect balance it strikes – close enough to the bustling energy of Bedford, yet surrounded by serene countryside. Our walks through the green spaces nearby have become cherished routines. The development's greenery adds to the peaceful vibe, making it the ideal blend of tranquillity and accessibility that suits our lifestyle perfectly." 

Saxon Park is located in the quiet market town of Biddenham. With easy access to Bedford, residents will benefit from a superb range of high street shops and plenty of independent cafes and restaurants nearby. There are also a range of galleries museums, like Higgins Bedford, as well as cinemas. Perfect for families, the area has plenty of Ofsted rated Outstanding schools like St Thomas More Catholic Secondary School.  

Excellent road links are available from the development, with easy access to A428, A421 and A6, for journeys to Milton Keynes, Northampton and Cambridge. For train journeys, Bedford the closest station for services to Brighton, Gatwick Airport and London St Pancras.   

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