Dandara commits to support workers' mental well-being at Wymeswold development

The Lighthouse Club Charity recently paid a visit to The Meadows, independent housebuilder Dandara’s Wymeswold development, to offer mental health support and resources to construction workers.  

With stress, depression, and anxiety accounting for 27% of work-related illnesses in the construction industry*, the Lighthouse Club Charity is dedicated to supporting the emotional, physical, and financial wellbeing of construction workers and their families. Through its 24/7 helpline, text support services, self-support app and groups, the charity offers free assistance to those in the construction industry.  

The event gave the Dandara site team an opportunity to explore available mental health resources. Workers actively participated in sessions focusing on the significance of maintaining good mental well-being and received resource-filled handout bags to guide them on seeking help. 

Sam Foglia, Contracts Manager at Dandara, commented: “Expressing emotions isn't always easy, especially within the construction industry where mental health often goes unnoticed. There's a prevailing attitude to simply soldier on, but that shouldn't be the norm.  

“This event with the Lighthouse Club Charity offered valuable insights to our workers, highlighting that it's good to speak up and seek assistance. Witnessing many of them actively engaging, asking questions, and embracing the event was truly heartening. It's had a positive impact on our workers' perspectives regarding mental health.” 

Gary Williams, Construction Director at Dandara, added: “I am proud to see initiatives like this event making a real difference for our teams on site. Raising awareness about mental health is not only vital but also long overdue within our industry. This event has been brilliant in shedding light on the importance of mental well-being and providing our teams with valuable resources and support. It's a significant step forward in fostering a healthier and more supportive work environment.” 

Sarah Bolton, Chief Operating Officer for the Lighthouse Club Charity, said: “We were thankful for the opportunity to meet with members of the site team at Dandara and talk about the importance of workforce wellbeing. This issue is so important and needs to be addressed, so we’re always excited to share the services we provide and the options available to those in the industry. And to anyone struggling, please don’t wait to get the help you need.” 

If you need support and would like to speak to someone today, please call the Lighthouse Club Charity’s helpline at 0345 605 1956. 

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