Dandara joins Future Homes Hub to combat climate change

We have joined the Future Homes Hub, an independent organisation dedicated to helping companies in the housebuilding sector collaborate to help meet climate and environmental challenges.

The Future Homes Hub lays out a set of actions to help all companies in the housebuilding industry find practical ways to measure and reduce whole-life carbon, whilst also continuing to build better homes and communities.

It has achieved this by creating a measurement framework, establishing benchmark figures and developing a pathway for companies to achieve industry-supported targets.

Commenting on the initiative, Trevor Dempsey, CEO of Dandara said: “Membership of the Future Homes Hub signals our commitment to helping the entire housebuilding industry use sustainable methods to construct high-quality, zero-carbon homes. We see our membership as an important step in preparation for the Government’s Future Homes Standard, which will be published in 2024 and will come into force in 2025.”

We have committed to providing expertise in several steering groups:

James Snelgar joins the Homes and Construction group, which oversees work related to building regulations.

Chris Higgins and Lesley Treacy join the Place and Nature group, which oversees work related to the planning system.

Lesley Treacy also joins the Sustainability and Performance group, which is responsible for corporate level sustainability and finance.

The Future Homes Hub aims to bring companies in the housebuilding sector together in order to investigate the specification and technology options that might be available to build zero-carbon homes. It will also assess their viability as well as the challenges and solutions to mass scale deployment. Find out more