10 tips for Maintaining a Healthy Work / Life Balance

Since early 2020, working from home has been commonplace in many job roles. As remote or hybrid working from home roles are the future for many careers it is more important than ever to balance your work and home life, especially when the spaces are becoming so blurred.  
These are our top ten tips for creating that healthy work/life balance.  

  1. 1. Keep your work away from your bedroom 

Working from your bedroom or even from bed can be very tempting at times, but this can have a big impact on your sleep. We have previously shared our top tips for sleep and keeping tech out of the bedroom was one of them! Your bedroom needs to be a space to relax, if you are working from your bedroom, it creates a more stimulating environment which may mean you find it difficult to switch off when it’s time to sleep.  


  1. 2. Shut your computer down at the end of the day 

Sending your computer to sleep isn’t quite cutting it. A full shut down doesn’t just extend the life of your laptop but adds a little extra barrier for you if you feel like checking your work emails before, or in bed! Creating that clear division between working day and relaxation time is essential for you to recharge.  

  1. 3. Take a lunch break 

It’s easy to plough on through when you are having a busy day, but lunch breaks are more important than you think. Taking a break during your working day helps with your concentration, creativity and seeing the bigger picture.  


  1. 4. Walk before work  

If you aren’t travelling to the office, you may be missing your commute, or enjoying the extra time it gives you. If you used to cycle to work, you can still have a morning bike ride or walk around the block to wake you up and get those brain cells whirring.  





  1. 5. Have a Zoom free afternoon  

Online meetings can be exhausting; try to arrange all your meetings in the morning one day each week so that you can enjoy an afternoon without facetime and or that Bing bong of a zoom call.  


  1. 6. Phone a friend  

Having a stressful day? Take a walk after work and call a friend. Talking things through can help you to process and get perspective. Missing those water cooler moments or having a cuppa with your colleagues when you are home alone working can make new challenges seem momentous!  



  1. 7. Check your task list at the end of the day 

How did you get on today? Are there still things on your list? At the end of the day find a fresh page and write out your to-do list for tomorrow. This will help you to feel on top of your workload and prepared for the next day.  


  1. 8. Keep your desk tidy  

Small routines can help you to stay focused, make your first cuppa just before work to prepare yourself for the day ahead. Tidy your desk at the end of the day, close your computer, put your pens, and note pad to one side. A quick dust or wipe down – and you’re ready for a fresh start tomorrow.  


  1. 9. Read a Book  

Staring at a computer all day can give you eye strain... and a little brain strain depending on your job. Stepping into the world of a paperback can help your eyes recover and your mind can relax too. Fiction can help with your creativity and inspiration while shutting you off from the buzzing internet you’ve likely been engaging with all day.  


  1. 10. Stretch  

Stretching is great for getting the blood flowing. This could be a full yoga session on your lunch break or a simple top to toe stretch up to the sky while you are waiting for the kettle to boil. A little mobility through the day can keep you fresh and focused.