Dandara unveils community centre at Fontwell development

Independent housebuilder Dandara has marked a significant milestone in Fontwell's history with the unveiling of the area’s first community centre at its Fontwell Meadows development.

At the inaugural event, the Ball’s Hut Community Centre was officially handed over to the local council in the presence of Andy Vawer, Chairman of Walberton Parish Council. Jacquie Long, Project Manager at Bognor Regis Foodbank, also attended, as the foodbank hub is based close by at Westergate Methodist Church. In a generous gesture, Dandara donated £500 worth of food and toiletries to support the foodbank's essential supplies.

Named after the historic inn that once hosted gatherings in the area, the Ball’s Hut Community Centre will cater to various local groups, host diverse events, and provide rental spaces. Going beyond bricks and mortar, the hub features communal gardening allotments and a play area for children.

Andy Vawer, Chairman of Walberton Parish Council, commented: “It is extremely exciting for Fontwell to finally have its very own community centre following the closure of the Ball's Hut Inn in the early 1990s. Anticipation is definitely high in the community for the positive transformations this space will bring, creating a vibrant hub for the people of Fontwell to gather and connect.

“Several local groups have already shown interest in utilising the space, so it will be great to watch how they use this new facility.”

Jacquie Long, Project Manager at Bognor Regis Foodbank, added: “Our food bank, operated by a dedicated group of volunteers, is steadfast in its commitment to ensuring no one in the community goes hungry. 

“The donation enables us to fulfil our mission more effectively, creating a ripple effect of positive change and fostering a stronger sense of community spirit.” 

Paul Ebbs, Regional Director at Dandara Southern, commented: “I'm thrilled to see the completion of the new Ball’s Hut Community Centre at our Fontwell Meadows development. This space, crafted with care by our team, is more than a building—it's a place for everyone to gather. Whether you're a part of a club or just want to connect with neighbours, the centre offers something for everyone. It's set to become a vital and beloved part of Fontwell, bringing people together and strengthening our community spirit.”

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