Dandara Workers Receive Mental Health Support at Dunblane Development

Dandara recently welcomed a team from the Lighthouse Club to provide mental health support and resources to workers at its Wallace View development, forming part of its ongoing partnership with the charity. 

With an average of two construction workers taking their life each day*, mental health issues in the construction sector are hugely pressing. The Lighthouse Club works to bring awareness to this issue as the only charity in the UK dedicated to the emotional, physical and financial wellbeing of construction workers and their families. Through its 24/7 helpline and events like ‘Toolbox Talk’, the organisation provides free and confidential support for those in the industry. 

The event at Wallace View in Dunblane offered a session centred on the importance of mental health and provided steps to promote wellbeing at work. Members of the Lighthouse Club Charity were also on hand for employees to speak with, providing a safe space to have confidential conversations. At the end of the event, the charity handed out bags with resources and freebies.

John Simpson, Site Manager at the Wallace View development, commented: “In the construction sector, it's unfortunately common to overlook the impact of poor mental health. Often, the instinct is to sidestep the issue, rendering it a largely unspoken subject. Many of us within the industry have personally encountered its effects or observed its impact on our colleagues, which is why it’s been great to welcome the Lighthouse Club Charity to the development to provide support and space for challenging discussions.

“The event did a great job of offering valuable resources and tools that can guide us in addressing mental health concerns, cultivating a supportive workplace, and reaching out for assistance when needed.”

If you need support and would like to speak to someone today, please call the Lighthouse Club Charity’s helpline at 0345 605 1956.

To find out more about the Lighthouse Club Charity and the vital support they offer to construction workers across the UK, please visit https://www.lighthouseclub.org.

*https://www.britsafe.org/safety-management/2023/mental-health-in-construction-building-the-next-storey#:~:text=Suicide%20rates%20have%20also%20increase d,per%20100%2C000%20seven%20years%20ago.

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