DIY Paper Christmas Decorations for your Dandara home

Whether it's Christmas trees, paper stars or the resurgence of paperchains and natural garlands, there are so many ways to create your own DIY Christmas decorations this year. You can even get the kids involved, with supervision of course. Here are some great DIY projects to get hands on with this Christmas, with a little crafting and a whole lot of imagination decorating your home doesn't have to break the bank but can be fun for all the family.

Suspended Paper Snowflakes

The wonder of winter snow is brilliantly captured by paper snowflakes and making them is lot easier than you would imagine. Paper snowflakes are a great activity to do with the kids since they are simple to produce yet provide a wonderful, handcrafted personal touch to your house during the holiday season. There are several designs and alternatives for creating your own snowflake, and there are numerous step-by-step tutorials available online for you to attempt. We can’t wait to see yours!


Paper Christmas Tree Chain

Paper chain decorations are a terrific way to keep small hands busy for hours in the run-up to Christmas. Personalise your décor by sketching a festive design on the chains with gold, silver, or bronze metallic gel pens. This will provide a metallic finish to your handcrafted Christmas ornament. You can even do your bit to help good old planet Earth this Christmas by recycling your old newspapers, music sheets and brown-paper bags to add to your decoration, giving it a chic, vintage feel. ‘Waste not, want not,' as they would say!


Natural Garland

This DIY will have your house emitting natural, earthy Winter vibes, and the best part is that you can obtain all the materials you need for free from nature. You can use any natural dried out material such as leaves, pinecones, sticks, dried berries, ivy, vines, twigs, juniper, dried flowers, etc… anything that is not going to wilt in 3 or so weeks. Some extra pine or a similar tree cutting is ideal to give it that holiday aspect and natural fir will bring the scent of Christmas into your home. Hang them around the accents of doors or along the stair’s banister, your home will be looking festive in no time.


Pinecone Centrepiece

Thinking about making a pinecone table centrepiece for your Winter decor? Sometimes, simplicity is key, and an effortless display of pinecones is as easy as it is charming. Take your favourite candles, add a handful of pinecones and one or two choices of baubles, or ornaments to fit in with your colour scheme. Or even place on a mantelpiece in your living room for a relaxed and elegant festive style. Pinecones are plentiful and free and are a great way to add a bit of rustic and natural décor to your home. Use different kinds and sizes of pinecones, stick them in a clear bowl with flowers, leaves, pomegranates, moss, and candles.

Alternatively, reuse your cake stands by stacking them on the table to give height and drama. Dressed with leftover ornaments and dried fruit for a low-cost decorative touch that will also enhance that Christmas spirit. Just make sure to clean them after you collect them in nature, and dry completely before using for decorations.


Cosy Front Porch

Create a welcoming front porch arrangement by placing a combination of winterberry holly and wintergreen. Both are hardy plants with bright red berries that shine with holiday spirit. To achieve this look, drape garland over the front door, add a red berry wreath, and create an evergreen medley in your pots or planters. This will give your front porch a touch of freshness that's hard to achieve in the winter.

You can even go further and start layering other holiday decorations like pinecones and ornaments to the mix. Just as ornaments complete a tree, red berries add the perfect final touch to any winter display idea. Or even a few strands of snipped greenery from a garland and paired with faux holly berries will work. Tie it all together with a pinecone at the top, and you have a beautiful adornment for your door handle. Guests will be impressed by your attention to detail and your porch will be a standout.
Tag us in your cosy Dandara pics, we can’t wait to see your Christmas DIY projects! @Dandarahomes