Energy-Efficient Tips for Your Dandara Home

As autumn progresses, the days grow shorter, and the chill in the air becomes more pronounced. It's during this time that many of us start to think about the upcoming winter season and how to keep our homes comfortable while managing energy costs. November is a perfect month to embrace energy efficiency, not only to maintain a cosy environment but also to contribute positively to your budget. In line with Talk Money Week, let's explore some practical and cost-effective tips for keeping your Dandara Home warm and energy-efficient this November.

Shorter Showers: Dandara homes come equipped with energy-efficient showerheads designed to maximise water flow while conserving energy. Embrace this modern feature by making your showers more efficient. By taking shorter showers, you not only save water but also reduce the energy required to heat it. This translates to lower water and energy bills, allowing you to enjoy your showers without worrying about overspending.


Use a Shower Timer: If you find it challenging to keep your showers short, consider using a shower timer or a smartphone app. These tools can help you keep track of your shower duration and set time limits. This simple addition to your daily routine can be highly effective in limiting both water and energy usage. By keeping your showers within a reasonable timeframe, you'll further contribute to a more sustainable and budget-friendly home.

Only Boil What You Need: When it comes to making hot beverages, such as tea or coffee, adopt a practice of boiling only the amount of water you intend to use. This small change in your daily routine has a significant impact on energy consumption. By heating just the water you need, you not only save energy but also reduce the time it takes to boil, making your hot beverage preparation more efficient.


Set Your Water Heater Temperature: Dandara homes are equipped with energy-efficient boilers designed to optimise temperature control. However, it's important to ensure that the temperature setting is appropriate for your needs. A temperature of around 49°C is generally sufficient for most households. This setting not only provides comfortable hot water but also prevents unnecessary energy consumption, contributing to lower energy bills.

Unplug Devices: Even in modern homes, electronic devices left in standby mode can continue to consume energy. Chargers, computers, and appliances, when not in use, can become sources of phantom energy drain. Combat this by simply unplugging these devices or using power strips that allow you to disconnect multiple devices at once. This practice not only conserves energy but also minimises your overall electricity costs.


Program Your Thermostat: Dandara homes feature programmable thermostats that allow you to customise temperature settings to suit your daily routine. Take full advantage of this feature by programming your thermostat to lower the temperature when you're not at home or during the night. By optimising your heating based on your schedule, you not only ensure a comfortable living environment but also reduce heating costs, making your new build home more energy-efficient.


Wash with Full Loads: Newer washing machines are typically designed to be more water-efficient. To maximise the efficiency of your laundry routine, always aim to wash full loads of laundry rather than small ones. This not only conserves water but also saves energy, as full loads are more energy-efficient in terms of both water usage and the power required to complete the wash cycle.


Dry Clothes Efficiently: Newer dryers come with various heat settings, giving you control over the drying process. To save energy and extend the life of your clothing, consider using lower heat settings. Additionally, avoid over-drying your clothes, as they can become damaged and consume unnecessary energy. By following these practices, you not only preserve your wardrobe but also promote a more energy-conscious lifestyle in your new build home.

Mind Your Refrigerator: Newer refrigerators are typically designed to be more energy-efficient, but to fully benefit from these advancements, it's essential to ensure that your refrigerator operates optimally. Check the door seals to ensure they create an airtight seal when closed. Avoid leaving the refrigerator open longer than necessary, as this can lead to increased energy consumption. Also, periodically clean the coils at the back or underneath your fridge to maintain its efficiency.


Let the Sun In: Embrace the natural light that your Dandara home often offers. Open your blinds and curtains during the day to allow sunlight to brighten and warm your living spaces. New build homes are often designed with well-placed windows that maximise natural light intake. By taking advantage of this free and eco-friendly light source, you can reduce your reliance on artificial lighting and heating, contributing to lower energy costs while creating a brighter and more welcoming atmosphere in your home.


By implementing these energy-saving tips in your new build home, you can enjoy a comfortable living environment while reducing your energy bills. It's a win-win situation for your pocket and the environment. For more homeowner inspiration and updates on new projects and builds, follow us on Instagram @dandarahomes. Let's continue the journey of creating energy-efficient, comfortable, and sustainable homes for the future.

Enjoy the warmth, cosiness, and savings that come with an energy-efficient new build home this November and beyond!