How pets can improve your well-being

We've gone pet-crazy in aid of National Pet Month. From the pooches we love to the kitties we adore, pets are so much more than animals. They are companions, support, friends and much more.

They can literally help improve your well-being too! But how?

Here are 5 ways pets can help improve your overall well-being:



1. Pets provide companionship

Companionship also helps to prevent illness, whilst amazingly adding years onto your life! Plus there is nothing quite like coming home to a furry friend and confidant, they really are great listeners and recent research has proven that they can sense emotion and distress in humans. 


2. Pets help increase the amount of exercise you do

Ever felt a bit lazy to take a walk or go for a jog? A dog can help with that! With a dog needing a walk at least twice a day, you will have to go, without excuse! So, get your steps up and explore your local area with your dog.




3. Pets can help reduce stress and anxiety

Did you know, that research shows that patting or stroking a dog can reduce your blood pressure, and lower your heart and breathing rate, whilst reducing muscle tension and fatigue? We are not saying they do not have their moments; you will know what we mean if you have ever been woken in the early hours by your chatty cat.


 4. They help you meet new people

Whether it is when you take a dog for a walk or when your cat jumps into someone else's garden, there is always a new opportunity to meet new people. Some areas have specific groups for pets – have a google and see if there is a community sausage dog group for your dachshund.






5. They help children to grow in a healthy way


Pets teach children responsibility, enable them to build relationships more easily, provide children with unconditional love and more. We always love to hear stories from our homeowners, let us know on our social pages if you have a family pet.



Sometimes having your own home can mean you are allowed a pet for the first time. We receive some lovely images from our Dandara homeowners of their pets in their new homes. Pets are truly amazing, and we want to show them off, you can share yours with us by tagging us in your four-legged friend's social posts on Instagram @dandarahomes.  Any pet is a huge responsibility for an owner, ensuring the well-being and happiness of your pet is essential and owning a pet doesn’t always go to plan. Make sure you do thorough research before taking on the commitment, consider all the pros and cons and consider rehoming or getting a rescue animal from a reputable shelter.