How to decorate your Dandara home for Autumn

Autumn is among us, we’ve put together some tips on how to decorate your Dandara home for Autumn. Embrace everything the Autumn season has to offer by incorporating these décor ideas and tips into your home. There’s no denying that the change in seasons is pretty beautiful, with leaves turning brown and the weather a little crisper. A great time of year to pull out those cosy soft furnishings and textures, rethink lighting, choose exciting prints and to make your home just that little extra inviting!




Colour themes:
Opt for shades of orange, red, yellow and browns to match the Autumn foliage outside. Mix minimal and modern textile prints, we love using burnt orange velvet or subdued khaki tones to add texture and warmth! Other shades could include beige, berry colour, bright red, burgundy, camel skin colour, cinnamon colour, coffee colour, shades of warm brown and deep greens. Autumn is by far the richest season for colour. Deep, warm hues delight at every turn as nature embraces an opportunity to show off.




Soft furnishings:
Layering different soft furnishings around your home will elevate the cosiness in your home this Autumn. Layer blankets over your sofas, chairs, and bedding. Think thick, coloured cushions, soft shaggy rugs, Scandi-style chunky knits and tasselled throws. These are all an easy way to transform your space, whether it’s in the bedroom or living room. Autumn inspired cushions can vary anywhere from being bold or as subtle as you like, and will help to instantly inject with a fun, seasonal feel.

Autumn Scents:
Autumn fragranced candles with warm, autumnal notes like patchouli, amber and musk. Filling your room with season-inspired scents to help you relax, adding that flickering glow will enhance that cosy feeling. Here are a few candle suggestions to help you achieve that perfect ambience:
·      Spiced pumpkin
·      Cinnamon
·      Apple and nutmeg
·      Bergamot
·      Ginger
·      Frankincense
·      Pomegranate
·      Spicy clementine
·      Pecan pie
·      Maple leaves
·      Wintergreen peppermint pine
·      Vanilla
·      Sandalwood


Add pinecones and intertwine them with fairy lights to create that ethereal vibe. Pinecones have that earthy and timeless, rustic charm. Get creative with them and spray paint them to coordinate with your interior colour scheme. Or even add in some garlands, they’re not just reserved for Christmas. Drape them over a mantlepiece or around a staircase, there are many places to decorate them if you get creative enough.


Display some fresh flower arrangements such as rich bouquets with rich reds, oranges, and yellows. Add your own berries or floristry twigs for a truly show stopping display. Add some vintage décor like beautiful glassware from your local charity shop, you’re likely to find some hidden treasures. Keep an eye out for amber or smoky glass. Fireside lanterns look especially chic all year round but by adding a cluster of pinecones and fairy lights right beside them you have the perfect cosy Autumn feel.



Be strategic with lighting and how it’s placed. It will make such a difference once it starts getting darker outside. Make sure to keep your lighting low to create a calm, intimate and cosy feel. You can use wall lamps, table, and floor lamps or even LED TV lights that are placed behind the TV, this raises that ambience and reduces the strain on your eyes. There are also options to switch colours depending on your mood. Even a lit fireplace is always a mood, creating a rustic, relaxing natural vibe.




Nothing says Autumn like a carved-out pumpkin. Whether you use a real pumpkin or a sophisticated ornament, there are so many ways to add and showcase your pumpkins. Find out how to carve and decorate pumpkins blog here if you’re interested in a little DIY this upcoming Halloween. Here are a few ideas: A simple option that requires no carving, paint faces on each pumpkin before stacking them. Top it all off with brightly coloured Autumn leaves and pinecones to finish it off with details.




DIY Wreaths:
Check out our other blog for how to create your own DIY wreaths. You can hang one on your front door to signal a warm welcome to Halloween trick o’ treaters, or you can even hang one inside your home as a mantlepiece amongst pumpkins and pinecones for a rustic tablescape. There are plenty of ways to make your own DIY wreath and will for sure add some serious seasonal flair to your home.

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