How to Get Started with your Dandara Homes Instagram Account

We understand that you’re excited to share the joy of a brand new home with the internet. But where should you start? The good news is that you don’t have to become a Kondo superstar right away, the only thing a Dandara Instagram account needs is a phone and your enthusiasm.

In a fast-paced social media environment filled to the brim with content, we’re here to help! Here’s our convenient, simple starter’s kit to create an inspirational Dandara Homes Instagram account.


The Basics

We’ll assume that you’re familiar with the app already, but if you aren’t particularly tech-savvy, Instagram’s help centre has you covered. Keep in mind that you can have up to five accounts on your app, so creating a bespoke Dandara Homes page won’t have you juggling passwords. 

From there, it’s just a matter of taking that first step. We know that it can be overwhelming to look at popular accounts, but any success story involves a lot of hard work, and they had to start somewhere. It’ll take you some time to find a flow, but once you have, you’ll be enjoying the positivity of our wonderful community in no time.


Your Bio, Your Story

From there, we recommend making a few key decisions about the direction of your account; A new build is all about your personal mark, and sharing that home with others is no different. Here’s our list of top tips to consider while laying the scaffolding to your new-build Insta page.

  • What’s in a Name: Perhaps your most important early decision, your account name will help others in our community connect with you. We recommend something simple and relevant to decor, perhaps working in your house number, development or location.
  • Build-a-Bio: Your bio is just 150 characters, but it’s your best chance to create a great first impression. You don’t have to include your full name, but a little personalisation helps. We also recommend using relevant emojis to help draw the eye and bullet point the important things.
  • Relocation Motivation: What are the aspirations for your new home? Reflect on what they are, and make sure people know about it. Whether you’re aiming for boho simplicity, hygge cosiness or monochrome contemporary perfection.

Now that you’ve got the framework ready, it’s time to start building your Insta following brick by brick. Instagram isn’t just a billboard, though – it’s a community. Unsure of where to start? We’ve also got some great advice to help you get connected with your fellow interior innovators!


The Dandara Community

We know that sometimes Instagram can feel like a competition, but it’s not one. We’re here to build a community with you front and centre, and we’d rather celebrate your incredible work than create a race to the top. Here are some of our tips:

  • Hashtag Targets: You can use up to 30 hashtags on each post. Make good use of them so we can find you. We recommend the following hashtags: 
  • Be Social: We’re here to celebrate your aspirations and achievements, so make sure to do just that. Be social, ask your followers questions, and comment supportively when your fellow homeowners share their new build excitement.
  • Follow Others Who Inspire You: Inspiration is vital, and no designer does their work without drawing from others. Not only will following accounts give you a better idea of how to engage with your audience, it could also help spark joy on your own design journey. On that note…

Our Special Mentions:

These accounts have already shared a lot with us, and we’re thrilled to pay that forward. Visit their aspirational pages to see a whole array of interior décor delights:

  • @hollymabbs (formerly @athomewiththemabbetts): Holly is the co-host of @spotmyhouse and @whatsup_cycle. She’s a refreshing, earnest voice and her spectacular stylings and DIY upcyclings are a pleasure to see.
  • @ourhome_onbartyfarm: Jess has been posting her new-build journey and we’re delighted to see all of the progress she’s been making. Spectacular neutral tones and relaxing décor abound!
  • @lincon_bunts: Paige & Mickey have been transforming their new-build into a home bursting at the seams with character and creativity. We’re so happy to have provided the perfect blank canvas for them.

Join Us

We can give you all the tips we want, but the truth is there isn’t a secret recipe for Instagram success. All that’s really required for a Dandara Homes Instagram account is your enthusiasm for interior design, a camera, and your personal creative spark. Make sure to tag us @dandarahomes so we can find your account, and we’ll be right behind you.

You can visit our Instagram and see how we lift up our design creatives here. If you’re looking to move to a high-specification home that ignites your creative spark, make sure to visit our locations page here