How to make a DIY Autumn door wreath and porch décor ideas

Add some serious autumnal flair to your home this season with our door wreath and porch decorating ideas!




Before you get started on decorating your DIY wreath, the base of your wreath is something you’ll first need to consider. We’ve shared 2 of the most popular types of wreath bases in this blog post:

1.     Save time with grapevine - try this super easy grapevine method by simply using a grapevine base, a glue gun plus a selection of your favourite autumnal finds!
2.     Win with a wire frame – perfect for beginners in crafting, a seasonal wreath can easily be achieved using a wire frame, faux foliage and pumpkins.  



FALLEN LEAVES - What’s more autumnal than a wreath filled with golden leaves! Embrace this magical season by collecting fallen leaves whilst out on your walks, (find out how to preserve them here), or pick up an artificial pack from your local crafting store.
FAUX FLOWERS AND DRIED FRUITS – Celebrate the change in season with a mix of autumnal blooms and dried fruits. It’s the intricate details, like orange slices and berries which will keep you smiling every time you open your front door!



PAPER WREATHS – Super sustainable, why not decorate your door wreath with different colour paper and pages from your favourite book! Draw around the outside of a leaf to first create a stencil and then cut, layer, and repeat for a fun, crafty effect. Watch the weather with this one and be prepared to bring your wreath indoors if rain begins to fall!
BEAUTIFUL BURPLAP – also known as hessian, burlap is used for all types of crafting projects and can look fantastic on your front door. Tie in a large bow and simply add it to your door knocker, use it for extra texture, or layer it repeatedly on a wire frame wreath base for an elegant effect.



PUMPKINS – Gourds of all varieties are available everywhere right now so why not take a maximalist approach and transform your porch area into pumpkins galore! Head to your local pumpkin picking event or farm shop and gather an impressive collection of pumpkins - all sizes, large and small! Stack them on and around crates, and either side of your doorway to share your love for the season like never before!




EASY AND EFFECTIVE – Place some of the planted pots you already own into woven pots and then place them around your doorway. This will instantly transform your entrance and add some autumnal pizzazz!
FILL A LANTERN WITH PUMPKINS – This decorating approach is super easy and won’t take up much space. Find some seasonal miniatures from your local farm shop and display them in lantern placed next to your front door. A decorative container filled with small white gourds can become a fantastic focal point which won’t cost the earth.

FRAME YOUR DOOR – create a grand entrance by fixing an oversized garland around your front door. Keep it simple with red and golden leaves, or customise it with a selection of artificial berries and blooms!   

Whether you plan to create a statement entrance which oozes autumnal charm, or opt for a more minimal look, we’d love to see how you dress your doorway for the season! Share your autumnal homes with us on Instagram using the hashtag #DandaraHomes