New Year, New Interior Design Trends for 2023

A new year means a fresh start, and with that comes new trends. Trends are a great way to gather inspiration and information; not to dictate your home’s design! Here are some predictable interior design trends that we think you will love and want to add into your Dandara home.

Sage Green
It has become an increasingly popular colour lately and we can definitely see why, sage green is a relaxing neutral colour adding nature and comfort into your home and interior. As well as green, colour palettes in this style include black and white, metallics, and creams that have a slight grey-green undertone. The versatility and endless combinations of using earthy greens is bountiful, it’s the perfect addition to any design style, especially Scandi, boho, natural, minimalist.

Dark academia
A dramatic and mysterious atmosphere that achieves an old-fashioned vintage look. This popular new trend will fill your interior with moody maximalism, showcasing dark tones, diverse quirky treasures, and authentic antique pieces. It will allow your space to feel nostalgic and cosy. Rooted in classic art, literature, and architecture. In essence, it’s old money influence with a gothic and moody twist. Especially perfect to decorate in an office or library space. The use of dark shades of brown and blue, with a combination of black, red, and white. You’ll achieve a Victorian gothic look in no time.

This recent trend incorporates Japanese rustic minimalism and Scandinavian functionality interior design together, to create a feeling of art, nature, and simplicity. Aesthetically pleasing yet highly functional, this interior design trend is all about neutral, calming colours, peaceful palettes, and an emphasis on sustainability. Scandi design is all about “hygge” meaning cosy, now fuse that with the idea of the Japanese notion of “wabi sabi” meaning that there is beauty in imperfection, the two together created the design Japandi. We love this interior design as it upholds the style that is both easy-going and sophisticated, whilst complimenting each other perfectly.

Curves & Organic shapes
Curves and waves are a great way to switch things up and add softness to any room. Adding interesting shapes enhances the dimension of the room and will make it feel more unique and fun.  Think rounded corners, soft edges, and arched shapes, proven to welcome a relaxing, calming feel due to its organic appearance. Ideal for any room that is used for relaxation, creativity, and socialising. Pinterest reports that searches for "round sofas" and "curved kitchens" have tripled, while searches for "round interior walls" have quadrupled. Curved furniture, according to experts, may also boost well-being by evoking emotional responses such as tranquillity, contentment, and even hopefulness. This is due to the fact that rounded, smooth curves are attractive to the eye, and curved furniture is unconsciously perceived as warm, welcoming, and comfortable.

 Sustainable living
Natural and sustainable materials are a big trend recently, and it’s easy to see why. With most people experiencing tighter budgets around the world, interest in upcycling and thrifting perfectly good furniture is now the cool, eco-conscious thing to do. Not only that but thrifting allows you more flexibility in terms of changing elements with a more personalised approach.  Handmade goods are also a great investment, keeping small businesses alive whilst remaining sustainable and personalised. Having loads of beautiful plants all throughout your house also shouts eco-friendly interior design. Not only do they look good, but they also add a fresh touch to your house and provide more oxygen. The term "Biophilic Interior Design" refers to this movement, which incorporates elements of nature into our interior spaces. Its root is the term biophilia, which means "love of nature." In order to enhance wellness, health, and productivity, biophilic design focuses on creating a relaxing environment through a visual connection with nature.



Art Deco
A combination of retro and modern, the Art deco style originated in the 1950’s and reached its peak in the 70’s. However, today it has become just as popular with natural and luxury materials combined. Think burgundy, velvet, patterns, geometrics, luxury, fun and elegant colourful pastels. Drawing inspiration from Renaissance architecture, the use of arches will be returning to furniture design as well as other decorative elements around the home. This can take the form of doorways, windows, mirrors, paint effects or wallpaper.

We hope you enjoyed learning about popular interior design trends for 2023, tag us on Instagram @dandarahomes with the interior design of your home so we can feature you!