Georgia Meikle, a buyer at our Westview development commented: “After searching for a bungalow or flat for over two years I had just about given up the hope of finding a property which ticked ‘all of the boxes’.  When I walked into the office of Dandara in St. Helier, I was not expecting to find what I was looking for and certainly a new build was not on my radar.

However both Kerry Rogers and Joyce Cronin slowly introduced me to the idea that Dandara might offer the place I was seeking.  At no time did they pressure me into a decision, rather I was advised to go away and think about the property I had picked out from the plans.  It was several weeks later that I returned, after consulting my family as to the wisdom of the purchase.

The procedure to place a deposit on the flat of my choice was clearly explained - again no pressure.  Step by step since then I have been kept informed as to what I must do for follow-up payments, legal requirements and final stages of purchase.

The flat was ready precisely on the date which was given to me in September.  Shortly before the final sale date, the inspection to identify any snagging issues was carried out by Russ Kelly.  He methodically went through every aspect of the flat and although he will have carried out hundreds of such inspections, his manner was enthusiastic and attentive to my questions.  There resulted a very short list of items to be rectified and all these were dealt with within 24 hours.

I praise the team whom I dealt with as well as those builders, tradespeople who created Westview 1.  The courtesy and kindness that has helped me find a new home are beyond measure.”