Protect the planet with a Dandara home

In the face of rapidly intensifying global climate change, numerous industries are revolutionising their existing practices to curb their environmental footprint. The construction industry is leading the charge, and at the helm of this transformative journey is Dandara. Being one of the UK's leading independent housebuilders, we have been moving towards more eco-friendly home designs, from adopting sustainable practices in the construction processes to ensuring our build projects are efficient, sustainable, and future-ready.

Sustainability and Innovation: Welcome to the Era of Eco-Conscious Homes

In the spirit of Global Climate Change Week, it's essential to recognise Dandara's forward-thinking approach to housing development. We are committed to an innovative design process that consciously prioritises sustainable construction, from the use of eco-friendly materials to energy-efficient designs. Dandara recognises that sustainability is the future, and we are fervently evolving our approach to accommodate this new era of eco-design. 

Taking on the Challenge of Climate Change

By joining the Future Homes Hub, Dandara has fully committed to the anti-climate change crusade. This affiliation signifies their readiness to collaborate with other construction firms, researchers, and businesses to adopt more sustainable practices across the construction industry. The Future Homes Hub is an initiative dedicated to delivering a significant reduction in carbon emissions, a challenge that Dandara is equally passionate about.



Reducing Our Carbon Footprint: One Building at a Time

For us, it's not sufficient to merely build aesthetically pleasing homes – it's paramount that these homes minimise the carbon footprint. This mindset is evident in our cutting-edge design. Each project carefully considers elements such as energy consumption, resourcing, and the lifespan of materials used. Each Dandara home is a testament to environmental responsibility, proving that stunning design and sustainable practices can indeed go hand in hand.
To this end, Dandara goes a step further, spearheading local sustainability initiatives and working within communities to inspire more people to do their part in protecting our planet. These actions serve as the practical embodiment of our commitment to climate action, emphasising that responsibility for our planet begins at home—literally.

Dandara's Commitment to Climate Action

In line with the commitment to contribute towards the Hub's mission, Dandara is also eager to provide expertise in several steering groups.

James Snelgar has joined the Homes and Construction group, which supervises efforts pertaining to the evolution of building regulations. His expertise will no doubt contribute to the group's mission to ensure buildings comply with increasingly stringent environmental standards.

Chris Higgins and Lesley Treacy have taken roles within the Place and Nature group. This team is responsible for the crucial task of overseeing efforts connected to the planning system, working towards integrating sustainability into the very foundations of residential development.



In addition, Lesley Treacy is a part of the Sustainability and Performance group. Her role therein is paramount in dealing with matters of corporate level sustainability and finance, ensuring that Dandara's commitment to environmental consciousness aligns with its financial strategy.

The Future Homes Hub envisions a unified housebuilding sector coming together to explore the potential specifications and technology alternatives that could pave the road to building zero-carbon homes. They are working to evaluate the viability of these alternatives, while also considering the challenges that could occur and the solutions needed for mass-scale deployment.

In this ground-breaking collaboration, Dandara and the Future Homes Hub are illustrating the power of joined forces in action, moving not just their companies, but the entire industry, towards a sustainable, carbon-neutral future.

The fight against global climate change is one that impacts everyone, regardless of where we live or what industries we work in. As we demonstrate that it is possible to construct beautiful homes that are also in harmony with our planet. We are proof that sustainability and luxury can coexist. Follow us on Instagram @dandarahomes to get inspired on new build homes and homeowner journeys.