Roman Settlement uncovered in archaeological dig in Deal

Remains of Roman structures have been found at the site of, what will be, housebuilder Dandara’s Wingfield Place development on Freemen’s Way in Deal, Kent.

An archaeological investigation overseen by RPS Consulting Services Ltd (RPS) revealed the site was the location of the southern end of a Roman settlement likely representing a large farm or small hamlet, dating from the 1st to 4th centuries AD.
The development was excavated by a team of 8 archaeologists in June to August 2022, with the discoveries surpassing the expectations of the team. The artefacts have since been removed, cleaned and analysed by specialist archaeologists.

The findings included Roman pottery recovered from cremation burials on the site, as well as pits, ditches and postholes which had been cut into the ground and filled up with silt over time; these indicate that there were once substantial timber buildings in place.
During the Roman period, the site appeared to be continually occupied, with boundaries in position for several hundred years, represented by ditches being recut. The indications are that the settlement extended to the north where many archaeological finds have been recorded over the last hundred years.

Duncan Hawkins, Operations Director and Head of Archaeology & Heritage at RPS, commented: “These findings are incredibly important for the local community, and previously artefacts from the Roman era have been found widely across Deal so these discoveries are significant in helping us to understand the nature of Roman settlement across, what is now, the town of Deal.”
Louise Norman, Sales and Marketing Director at Dandara South East, commented: “It is always incredibly exciting to see what is found at our future sites, as a housebuilder we are creating new communities and we feel it is important to understand the history of the area. Working with the RPS at our site in Deal has been fantastic and incredibly educational, the whole team were eager to find out what had been discovered – it’s great to be able to play a small role in advancing our understanding of such a key period of history! We have since started construction on site and are looking forward to bringing much needed family homes to the area.”