The Power of Human Connection in building new communities at New River View.

Missing face to face contact? We know how you feel.  Here at Dandara we’ve always championed the value of face to face connections. Over the last few weeks and months, we’ve really been missing seeing those magical interactions that make a new home feel like part of a community of people.  People that you know by name and can stop and have a chat with and be, well, neighbourly! 
Now, post pandemic as we can start to enjoy greater freedoms, our homeowners have started to rediscover the joy of a community spirit.

Our Northern Home Counties region hosted a traditional Greek night for the residents of New River View, so they could enjoy the delights of a bright, and cheerful Greek dinner party.  The atmosphere so warm and inviting that everyone felt they had a place at the dinner table and were able to get to know one another in true Greek style!

Sometimes the smallest things we can do for our neighbourhoods can have the biggest impact, and we hope this Greek night helped pave the way for more neighbourhood gatherings, large or small at New River View. 

Of course, all the Greek essentials were there with olives, olive oil, lemon, honey, seafood and lots of tasty herbs. Along with some traditional live Greek music. If you fancy re-creating the scene with your family and friends here are some pointers that guarantee you’ll capture the flavours of Greece. 

No Greek party would be complete without a meze platter like the ones our residents enjoyed. Meze, is a key part of Greek culture and their purpose is to accompany drinks and facilitate conversation… perfect for building new friendships.  Use ingredients such as olives, feta cheese, hummus dip, eggplant dip, pitta bead wedges, stuffed grape leaves.   Why not accompany your meze with a glass of the famous Greek liquor, ouzo! 

If you want to go in for a full 3 course spread why not try out the following traditional fayre.

Lamb souvlaki with tzatziki is a great option, as much of the work for these savoury lamb pitta sandwiches can be done in advance which will allow you more time to spend with your guests. Or if you need a vegetarian alternative why not try a meatless moussaka.

Finish the spread with the most classic and recognisable of all Greek desserts, baklava. A delicious mini treat that comes in many shapes sizes and forms, a classic and delicious honey and nut bite. 

To keep the party going that bit longer finish with a strong Greek coffee, which helps to aid digestion as well as keep the conversation and laughs flowing into the night.

New River View have recently launched a three-bedroom show home at this popular development of 1 – 3 bedroom homes which is now 50% sold.

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