Why Buy New

Some say that ‘new’ isn’t always better. But with a Dandara home, we think you’ll find it is. Because while you always have a good reason to buy a new home, we’ll give you several.

Cost and energy saving

The news is in: energy costs are rising. However, with a brand new Dandara home, energy efficiency is assured. 

That’s because our homes all include modern insulation, quality windows and doors and boilers that keep the whole house warm. So that means it costs less to run your new home - and there’s research from the Home Builders Federation to back this up. According to their findings, better technology means new homes are up to six times more energy efficient than older ones, and that could mean a saving of more than £2,200 a year on energy bills*.

So - a beautiful, brand new home, that’s energy efficient and cheaper to run. There really is a lot to enjoy with us.

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A blank canvas that’s all new

It’s a wonderful feeling when you can make your new home all yours from top to bottom from day one. And with no out-of-date décor or dodgy repairs to fix first.

Plus, you’ll have brand new appliances and fixtures and fittings throughout. And they’re all waiting for you to be the first to use and enjoy them.

It can be chain free

As soon as it’s complete, you can move in. There’s no forward chain which can be stressful and time consuming. Taking advantage of our Part Exchange scheme could help you move faster and more easily.

There are a range of ways we can help get you moving, talk to us about Help to Buy, Assisted Move or the First Home Fund in Scotland.

It’s secure

Everyone should feel safe in their home and whether it’s fitting electrical and fire safety measures or fitting stringer doors and windows we’ve got you covered.

The Home Builders Federation

Don’t just take our word on why buying new is the right move. Read the research on all the benefits from the Home Builders Federation themselves.

Why Buy New