Are you thinking about designing the perfect bedroom but not sure where to start or what to consider to ensure the perfect night's sleep? Well, it's not just about a good mattress and some Lavender pillow spray (though we do recommend both!) we have put together a few top tips from the experts, that we hope won’t have you nodding off.

Planning your bedroom

You’ve had a little practice at sleeping, so start by thinking about your deepest and most restful sleep. Where were you? And why did you sleep so well? Let this is the start point for your bedroom mood board.

Things to consider:

·         Does technology disrupt your sleep?

·         Do you like to wake up with the sun or protect your morning slumber with black-out curtains?

·         Is your vibe clean and minimalist or snuggly and layered? 

·         How will you ensure your bedroom design helps you to maintain the perfect zen and room of rest? 


Sleep tips

Sleep can have an enormous impact on your overall wellbeing and mental health. Good sleep can boost your memory, mood and energy levels. Sleep expert Matthew Walker has some excellent sleep recommendations including taking a warm bath before you jump into bed, the drop in temperature helps you to fall asleep.


Keeping the room cool through the night can help you to stay asleep and keep technology out of your bedroom. Easier said than done but programming your brain for sleep is most effective when you aren’t up for hours scrolling through the social feeds or watching television. 

Bedroom Furniture

When planning your placements start big and work down from there. Your bed and your wardrobes are the biggest and trickiest considerations, everything else can work around them.

When considering your bed placement think about access, airflow, and light. If your bed is under a window you may need to wrap up warm to avoid a chilly breeze, or that could be perfect for you if you run hot at night.


Declutter, as you plan your room, using clever storage solutions can keep your bedroom furniture to the minimum. 

Bedroom lights

Natural light is highly recommended for a great night's sleep. We all spend so much time inside, in offices and at home. Just 30 minutes of natural light each day can help balance your circadian rhythm and improve your overall sleep.


Another popular trend is to wake with the sun, using light curtains to let the daylight gently wake you each morning. It isn’t for everyone and does depend on your work and lifestyle, but it's certainly more pleasant than a buzzing alarm clock. 

Accessories - bedroom plants

We love a fresh and simple bedroom here at Dandara and plants can be the perfect addition to create that sense of zen. As mentioned in our 2022 trends blog, green highlights are a key trend for this year, and no better way to achieve this look than a blossoming of plant life -

Our favourite bedroom plants -

·        Snake plant – Sanseveria Trifasciata – very easy to care for, this plant will add oxygen to your bedroom overnight.

·        Pothos - (Epipremnum Aureum) - clambering arms of glossy green leaves, you can hang this one high and have it trailing down in a waterfall of oxidising vegetation.

Lavender (Lavandula) - not a typical indoor plant but Lavendar can survive well in a small pot. Pop it on your bedside table and enjoy the sleepy scents. 

Minimalist vs Maximalist bedrooms

We appreciate both the cosy nature of a huggee bedroom and the clean simplicity of a minimalist sanctuary. The vibe of 2022 is that less is more and we highlighted the minimalist approach in our 2022 trends guide -

For a little extra inspiration don’t forget our inspiration blog - featuring a bedroom or two.